Training Manual and Ad Copy

Thank you for your order!

This manual will give you everything you need to get started and
be up and running in a few hours. However, this is a business and
requires work.  But the work is extremely easy and requires very
little time once it is set up.

This system is based on copying the same system you just purchased.
You found this site through an ad and purchased it through the website.
This manual will spell out exactly how to set this up for yourself quickly
and easily.

1) You should already have a PayPal account set up.  If not, do that first.
Make sure you become a verified member.  This will give you better access to
the features of PayPal and ensure that you are able to send and receive money
quickly and easily.

You can do this at  Make sure you open a business or
premier account.

2)  Set up your own website at or other free website
creator (google "create a free website").  Feel free to use my site as a guide,
however, do not use the same template - if our sites look too much alike, readers
will think they have seen the site before and move on.  The best way is to make it
yours and genuine to you.  Spend a little time writing your own content. The more
thorough the better, but not too long, as people do not want to read a book.

NOTE: is completely free.
When you set up your website at go under Site Category and choose Small Business/Professional and then choose Services.  The rest is pretty self explanatory.  Simply go through each page, adding your content and be sure to add your PayPal information.  Don't worry... this can all be done fairly quickly.  Remember you will also need to include this manual on a page that is separate and not listed on the Navigation Bar of the main site.  This can be done easily by creating a new page and under Page Options click Hide from Nav Bar.  After you are paid through PayPal, this is the link you will send to people.  If you are familiar with PayPal, you know you can create a "Buy Now" button to put on your site.  This will be much easier than using the shopping cart option available at  It is simpler and easier because PayPal can redirect your customers to your manual page automatically.   You can create a "Buy Now" button in the Products and Services section of PayPal.  Then you simply put that code in the purchase section of your website. 

3) This is KEY.  This will make a huge difference in your success. Get a FREE voice mail line at  Use this to record your own personal message.  This will make you more professional and people will trust you.  Using this little trick will make a huge difference in your sales.

4) Buy a Domain Name at will make you more professional and legitimate to your customers.  Once you buy a domain name, simply forward it to your site.  If you are not sure how to forward, godaddy has great 24/7 customer service.  Buying a domain name is not required and you can do without it, but it really helps.  You will probably want to get an email address that is close to your domain name as well. 

5) Place three ads a day on in random cities.  Please make sure you change your ad title, ad body and cities posted in daily.  This will keep from overlapping, over-posting and saturation.  This will also ensure longevity of the business.

6) When orders come and customers have paid, simply forward them the link to your manual page and offer follow-up email support when necessary... it is rarely necessary.

7) Ads:  I've written a few ads to get you started but it is always best to change these up, make them your own and put your own flair on them.  I change mine all of the time. 

a) Title - Sales Dream .... $200+ Per Day... No Cap!! 
Body: Make money daily.  Start today and get paid today!

b) Title - We Need Ad Places - Cash Paid Daily!
Body:  Earn income Daily Placing Ads

c) Title - $1,000+ Weekly - Get Paid Daily
Body: Start Today, Get Paid Today

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions or need any help.  I am here to help you succeed!